La Vie Deux Review - Worst STRIP club in the WORLD so far for me

La Vie Deux - Worst STRIP club in the WORLD so far for me


I went to this club with my friend who is from Poland.

We were asked to pay at the entrance fee + asked to buy one mandatory drink. Both were done so far so good.

But the girls/ women started asking for lap dance which is not mandatory in any strip club and it should be the choice or decision of customer. BUT HERE WE WERE FORCED BY GIRLS for LAP DANCE (especially one girl from Cuba).

I said that I am here to see the strip dance and not willing to take lap on that day. She asked me some tips & I paid that too but she is not happy yet..... She going back to the original demand of FORCED LAP DANCE.

It was not preferred BY me because it should not be forced against the willingness.

So what happen finally ----- She started abusing me in bad words.

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